Our approach towards adult swimming combines the best aspects to swimming instruction, all in line with the ASA, NPTS (National Plan of Teaching Swimming). Adult swimming lessons are for all levels, from complete beginners to the advanced swimming if you have a fear of water we can conquer it together. It takes patience and lots of practice to become a great swimmer, we specialise in calm and relaxing lessons.


Being Comfortable in the Water: One of the most essential stages of learning how to swim is feeling relaxed about putting your face in the water. Gradually we will teach you how to hold your breath in order to submerge the whole head in the water.

Floating: We will practice floating with your face down in the water and also on your back. At this point we will also practice rotation and submersion in the water.

Kicking and sculling: Once you are comfortable with putting your face in the water we will practice how to move forward and backwards through the water using your arms and legs. We will practice these in the shallow and the deep ends of the pool.


At the Intermediate level, the swimmer should be able to swim a length or two of front crawl stroke. We believe that swimming all the different strokes will make you more confident in the water, thus we will also introduce the backstroke, breaststroke and early butterfly practices.


The Advance swimmer course is focused on individuals that are able to swim at this level we have a big importance on stroke technique. With the use of drills, we will practice the four swimming strokes and work on swim sets that will help you to develop and increase your swimming fitness and endurance.

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